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Should you run barefoot? If you google "running barefoot" you can see a lot of various websites promoting this. Of course, like any idea, you would see a lot of websites countering this as well. But why do people even encourage this thought? Have they never heard of shoes before?

They have, actually, and that's exactly why they're promoting barefoot running. The logic is that man has evolved to run and walk on his bare feet, and has done perfectly fine for millions of years, until the first types of footwear were created, mostly for protection. These lasted for thousands of years, and were very minimal when compared to the modern shoe. Shoes apparently are an unnatural aspect in this equation, what with their shape and extra padding in the heel disturbing the minute movements that we make while walking, running and so on. In order to cancel out these disturbances, you simply eliminate the source. And so barefoot running was re-introduced to the modern world.

Is any of this scientific, though? Do we have any proof of this? There have actually been several studies performed throughout the last few years that support this. Here are two of them, though you'd have to pay to read the full text.

So, should you join the pack, ditch your running shoes forever and start engaging your bare feet more? If you have a road, or area, such as a beach that you know is completely safe for your feet to travel, then by all means, try it out. You might be pleasantly surprised.


But if you don't have the luxury of such places, then you can always opt to buy some Vibram Fivefingers. The Fivefingers are shaped to have the exact contours of the human foot, so it's pretty much like barefoot running, except with the extra protection you require! The shoes are plenty pricey, though, and that's definitely a minus in their department, but Vibram has been the world leader in creating rubber outsoles of shoes for years and years and years, so you'll not only be sure that you're paying for a top quality product, you'll also be paying for a product that will last a very long time. So, if you'd honestly like to try this barefoot running thing, the Vibram Fivefingers would be an investment of sorts.

If you live in th Philippines, you can check out BarefootWear, Inc., located at the Level R1 Bridgeway of the PowerPlant Mall in Rockwell, Makati, so you can check out these mighty unique (they have toes!) products firsthand. Check here for more information.


A word of caution, though. The detractors of barefoot running argue that it actually causes more injuries than running with shoes on, stepping on glass and whatnot aside. It would seem that many of these cases are because of the exercisers' forms during barefoot running. They have been running with shoes on for so long that they're not used to running any other way, causing eventual injuries. You should keep this in mind if you're going to try this out for fun or curiosity. It should be noted for any physical activity, but always keep proper form in mind when you run barefoot. It might surprise you how different it feels compared to running with shoes on.


I have personally never tried barefoot running before, but do realize the comforts of moving around your feet and toes without any covering. After all, one of the very first things I do when I get home is take off my shoes. It just feels so great to loosen up my feet and move them around more freely. It's a very common custom to walk around barefoot or in very simple slippers around the house in my country, and it feels good. Filipinos actually do commonly run barefoot and even play basketball like that,so it's really not that hard for me to wrap my head around barefoot running.

What about you? Have you tried barefoot running before? Are you for or against it and why? Share your thoughts and leave a comment below!

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