Monday, December 13, 2010


I'm currently at week 8 in my journey with the EET Fitness plan, and my weight's just hit a new all-time low. I made a huge deal of the 10-pound weight loss I achieved in only 6 weeks on the plan, but body weight fluctuates literally every day, and mine fluctuated regularly from 204 - 206 pounds. My then all-time low weight of 204 pounds stayed as constant as it could be in the next 2 weeks.

This morning, however, I found myself facing an entirely new number from my scale: 202! This means that the EET Fitness plan is still working its wonders, and hasn't stalled. There have been no adjustments to my current forecast. I've kept everything the same but the weight just keeps on shedding!

I've been keeping tabs on my weight using a Word document for nearly 3 years now, and my weight's almost always been 205 - 220 pounds during that time. The only times I reached that weight or lower was when I was under a severe amount of stress from a previous job I had, and when I was experimenting with a mostly-liquid diet of sorts.

Again, EET allows its participant to eat any sort of food they want literally every day, and promises the fittest body you've ever had. Given its lofty promises, I'm incredibly surprised at how truly effective it is. And, given how the only other times I've reached this weight or below is through suffering of some sort, I'd say that EET has been my best bet so far.

I hope the show is far from over, though, because I'm rarin' to lose some more pounds! Show me what you've got, EET!

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