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By that I mean the man himself, Mr. EET! When I first encountered his EET Fitness Plan, I figured that this guy was either some evil snake oil dealer on the internet or an honestly awesome person. I say the former because he says that he's formulated a health and fitness plan that will allow you to unlock the fittest body you've ever had while consuming junk food every day. That's a pretty fantastical claim, and one that's readily dismissed by a good majority of the fitness community (believe me, I've looked!) But, if he's on the level, then he's surely the latter.

And he is definitely awesome. Mr. EET, aka Jon Pearlstone, is a 47 year old man with the body of a 20 year old, and he did it by eating junk food every day! That's inspirational on so many levels for me:

1) He's definitely someone to aspire to, given what he's accomplished

2) He's just some Dude, and I mean that in the most respectful way possible. He's not some big shot celebrity (yet!) on a horse so high that he's virtually unreachable. He's a humble person who is genuinely passionate about his work, and who allowed me into his inner circle after only a few e-mails.

3) He has crafted a fitness plan so understanding of the common man's dilemma on dieting (since he's been there plenty of times before), that it's flexible enough for literally anyone to climb aboard and succeed without failing even once for the rest of their lives. That's just pure genius.
Jon Pearlstone, aka "Mr. EET", at age 47,
after 2 years of being on EET.

So, yeah, I look highly upon him, and you can just imagine my surprise and happiness when, during our last e-mail exchange, he shared this single line:

in some ways your results have been more amazing than all of ours because I started you out eating BIG treat meals -- none of us did that -- we didn't trust EET the way we do now.

That's high praise from the big man himself. And believe me, Jon doesn't hand out compliments like that every time you communicate with him. He'll tell you flat out if you're failing on his plan, or succeeding, and how you can either fix it, or make your situation even better. After all, you don't guide people through a fitness plan by giving them compliments that aren't warranted. Any trainer knows that that sort of talk will always have the opposite effect.

So, why am I so happy with just that one, simple line? Well, first of all, it's from the creator of the plan himself, and second of all, I know for a fact that it's not just sugar-coated hogwash because I just lost 10 pounds in 6 weeks following his plan. I've tried dozens of plans over the years and none of them have come close to this sort of weight loss, and none of them feel nearly as sustainable. Remember, I eat junk food every day! People on EET don't count calories either, so it's not like I have just 1 cookie then starve the rest of the day. No way! I wouldn't last two days on a plan like that, let alone 6 weeks!

Anyway, inspiration can come from many places, and people who are trying to lose weight and gain better figures need all that they can get. Not that I really need much of that on this plan, but you see, EET isn't a typical dry diet plan where one size fits all and you simply follow a set pattern in a book or website and see what happens. It evolves with you and your willingness to take it to the next level. And with that compliment, I'm more than inspired to continue with and do my best on EET.

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