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This is an article I made that was published on Hive Health Media a few days ago. In it, I discuss where I currently am on the EET Fitness Plan and how I got there. This is all real. No tricks, no special pills, and no skipping junk food. Below is the complete text, but you can go here for the original article on Hive.

Now that I've discussed in detail what EET's all about in the "How to EET anything you want and be fit for life" series of articles, it's now time to discuss my personal journey with EET. I'll start with, of course, the very beginning, and work my way up from there.


EET has several features, including:

1) Eat any treat you like (cookies, chips, ice cream, whatever) every day and lose weight

2) Create a personalized diet and fitness plan that you can maintain for the rest of your life without fear of quitting and relapsing

Among others. That first one is where the real controversy lies, and why people label this plan as a junk food diet that can never work. EAT JUNK FOOD EVERY DAY AND LOSE WEIGHT? Sounds like something from a sleazy infomercial, right? That's what I originally thought, too, but I decided to dive in anyway. And, honestly, after 6 whole weeks on the plan, it has worked wonderfully for me.


I'm a 5'11" Filipino male and, before starting on EET, I weighed 214lbs. After 6 whole weeks, though, I lost 10 pounds, no kidding. The only other ways that I lost this much weight that fast was a) Suffering through weeks on end with work-related stress problems and b) Experimenting with a sort of liquid diet I made up. I've also previously lost this much on traditionally cleaner diets. These are the types that tell you to eat totally clean 6 days a week and have a cheat day the other day, but, not this fast and easy. Well, on this plan I pretty much have a cheat day every day, never deny myself any food and still lost weight! So, given the options, I think I'll stick with EET a bit longer.

I've also known and read about people from all over who have tried all sorts of diets, most of them suffering through them and quitting earlier than they expected, and never lose this much weight. Pretty amazing for a "junk food diet" if you ask me. Jon also tells me that this is all just the tip of the iceberg, which makes me pretty eager.


I talked about forecasting in part 4 of my first series of articles and even offered an example. I'll offer a more complete weekly forecast, though, which will be very representative of what a typical week on EET is like for me.

Monday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday
7:30 AM - Wake up; Green tea
9:30 AM - Interval training on the exercise bike and heavy bag, totaling 30 minutes
10:30 AM - Treat Meal (usually consisting of something like fried chicken, mixed vegetables, root beer, a cup of ice cream, and a bowl of Cheetos)
2:30 PM - 2 small sandwiches, 1 tuna and 1 chicken breast, both with vegetables and mustard
5:30 PM - Egg white omelet with hummus and a plate of vegetables
8:00 PM - 15 minutes of stretching
8:30 PM - 1/2 can of Salmon (about 110g) and decaf green tea

Tuesday and Thursday
7:30 AM - Wake up; Green tea
8:30 AM - 4:00 PM - Grad school
12:00 PM - Treat Meal during lunch break (usually consisting of something like pork chops, mixed vegetables, skim milk, and a plate of cookies)
4:30 PM - Circuit weight training and Tabata intervals, totaling to around 20 minutes
5:30 PM - Treat Meal (same as 12:00 PM meal)
9:00 PM - 15 minutes of stretching
9:30 PM - Decaf green tea

I'm in grad school pretty much the entire day on Tuesdays and Thursdays, and the other days I work on my articles, study, do research, go out, do chores at home, and so on.


And doing that every day for several weeks lost me 10 whole pounds. I didn't start out with that forecast, though. Believe it or not, it took quite a bit of tweaking to finally arrive at that schedule. While EET has several forecasting templates, every member's forecast is very different from one another because of their individual lifestyles. You don't adjust your life so that you can go on EET, it's the other way around. So, if you decide to just go and copy my weekly forecast, I really can't guarantee the same results. That forecast took about 2 whole weeks of work from both me and the EET consultant, so it's really not something just pulled out of a hat. I'll discuss in detail how that forecast came about in my next article.

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