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When I first started Fitness Philippines, I thought it would be best if I strung together all my interests so I wouldn't ever run out of material. So, the blog was originally about my take on fitness, health, nutrition, and the martial arts. 6 months pass and I find that the topics are extremely skewed, especially considering the blog title. A good majority of the posts were concerned only about martial arts, specifically UFC events. I'm obsessed with the UFC and decided to review every match I saw in great detail. Combine that with the recent explosion in the number of events the UFC holds per month, plus a TV show, and a limited schedule that didn't allow me to post every day, and Fitness Philippines transformed into something misleading. It wasn't about fitness from the point of view of a Filipino any longer, it was just about mixed martial arts (MMA).


Check out my new martial arts reviews over at the new blog!
Realizing that, I decided to create another blog devoted to just my views on martial arts in general. I call it THE WORLD AND MARTIAL ARTS, since it's how martial arts are represented in today's modern society. Central to this would be UFC events, which would clearly represent how martial arts are viewed today as a sport, various films, such as Tekken and The Expendables, which tend to reach a larger, or at least different, crowd, and video games, which has its own unique audience and culture attached.

As of this writing, there are 12 new articles I've created exclusively for that blog. The martial arts-related topics on Fitness Philippines will now also redirect to the new blog as well (NOTE: As of this writing, this isn't in place yet), so that each blog will have a solid topic all its own. I've learned a lot during my 7 months of blogging, and am still trying to improve to make my articles some of the best and most read on the internet.

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