Saturday, November 6, 2010


I recently discovered a great fitness blog by one Jolie Bookspan, called "The Fitness Fixer". Dr. Bookspan has written many tremendously useful fitness articles there, especially on the topic of flexibility and posture, among others. Here are some articles that I highly recommend you check out:

What does Stretching Do?

Fixing Upper Back and Neck Pain

Nice Neck Stretch

Better Shoulder and Triceps Stretch

Better Achilles Tendon Stretch

Save Knees when Squatting

Prevent Back Surgery

And that's just the tip of the iceberg! I'm a huge advocate of flexibility and have been stretching for years and have to say that the stretches linked above are truly very effective. Dr. Bookspan's advice on how to engage your abdominals throughout every day life while correcting your posture and possibly eliminate any existing back pain you have is also top notch. Unfortunately, due to some technical difficulties, Dr. Bookspan and her colleagues haven't posted since April, but, hopefully she can contribute more articles soon as the ones already published are absolute gold. Check out her posts on Healthline, I highly recommend them!

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