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I exercise literally every day of the week, and I don't find that excessive at all. I also find it odd that whenever I see articles that talk about working out every day, people comment that it's unhealthy, easily leads to injury, and so on, but there's a simple response to that: not if you know what you're doing.

And there's another reason why I exercise every day: because I naturally love doing it. And people used to do it, too, in the days before video games and computers. When sports were the favorite pastime no matter what your age was, and you'd spend all your free time on it. That's exercising every day and loving it. It's what I'm all about.


What I don't do every day, however, is diet. Why? Because I easily break my diets. It's actually such a shame to  admit this because I write about diet and health regularly on this blog. I do specialize in exercise and physical fitness, though, so those are topics I've had a lot of success on, but, after college, dieting's always puzzled me.
Would you trust health and fitness advice from this guy?

During college, I would eat junk food and fast food all day and maintained a very slim figure for my height. I'm 5'11" and had a 28 inch waist and weighed around 180 pounds. That was almost a decade ago. These days, my waistline's 34 inches and I weigh 210 pounds. Yeah, I've packed on more muscle over the years, but you can tell from that waistline increase that muscle wasn't the only reason I gained weight. It's pretty much because I've never been able to fully control my junk food habits for long periods of time.

All of the diets I've been on these past few years were always restrictive in some way, either in type of food or amount of food eaten per day. Sure, they'd work, and each of them got me below 200 pounds, but I could never maintain them for long periods and would always regain the weight and inches.


Recently, though, I discovered something called the EET (Eating and Exercise Timing) Fitness Plan by one Jon Pearlstone, which claims to be able to make one achieve high levels of health and fitness while never restricting any type of food or amount eaten per day. The plan instead focuses instead on the timing of one's meals and activities throughout the day.

Will this plan work for me in the long term this time? We'll see ... join me as I review the EET Fitness Plan in detail!
Jon Pearlstone today, after 2 years
on the EET Fitness Plan

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