Sunday, October 17, 2010


I use Yahoo for e-mails related to my blogs, so whenever I sign out, I sometimes like to browse the news items on the front page. Today, I noticed three brand spanking new articles on there devoted to health. Unfortunately, none of these articles offer anything really new, but they're all still worth reviewing, in my opinion, just to remind us all that it's really the little things in our lifestyles that sometimes need changing in order for us to truly live healthy.

Diet soda, Kiddie Cereal, Energy Bars, Artificial Sweeteners, Coffee, and White Starches are all singled out in this article, which explains why these foods items, all of which are very commonly consumed these days, should be cut back on.

I personally love these sorts of stories. Sure, they're everywhere, and some of you may be more than tired of them, but I personally like seeing how ordinary people, those who aren't fitness professionals, athletes, celebrities, or the like, have kept the weight off consistently for several months or years and look and feel their best every day of their lives by leading a healthy and fit lifestyle. Follow the stories of ten women to see that it is realistic and can be done.

This one's specifically for the ladies, and it's not something I really advocate, since the article's more about manipulating the clothes one wears to look slimmer rather than ideas to become fitter and healthier. Anyway, the article also suggests that these tips may inspire women to keep the weight they may have lost during bikini season off, by showing ways for them to show off their thinness while fully clothed. So, in that sense, I suppose it does veer a bit towards supplementing women's health and fitness, so it's on the list. Besides, not everyone has reached their target weight loss goals yet, I suppose, and for the ladies on the right path, but aren't quite there yet, these tips may be very useful in the meantime.

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