Wednesday, September 15, 2010


I recently did a guest post on Trying Fitness, which I think is a wonderful fitness blog. It's called "HOW TO EXERCISE WITH JOINT PROBLEMS", and I discuss how obese, overweight, elderly, and any other individuals who have joint problems may still be able to exercise efficiently by training in the water. That's right, folks, aqua workouts are the key, and you can find out more checking out my article over at Trying Fitness!

I've also done some guest posts on The Steve Scott Site, an awesome site on lifestyle design, personal growth, and internet marketing, which I neglected to mention previously. Better late than never, I guess, so here are some of my other guest posts:

1. THE KEY TO WEIGHT LOSS - My very first guest post, where I talk about how portion control and energy consumption are essential for long term weight management

2. THE IMPORTANCE OF NOT EATING - A follow up guest article to the above where I talk about meal planning and keeping busy to avoid overeating through constant snacking

3. WHY YOU SHOULD TREAT YOUR TIME LIKE CURRENCY - An inspirational article of mine detailing how we may be spending our time exactly as we spend our money and vice versa, and how and why we should be aware of this.

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