Thursday, May 6, 2010


1. Keep busy! This is my personal favorite. I always have things that can keep me busy from morning till evening. The moment I wake up, I make my Health Shake for the day and drink it while checking up on current events over the internet. I do my daily workouts after that, check up on some of my projects, create an article or two for my blog, and play video games if I want to get off the net for a while. The point is to always keep yourself occupied so that your mind never wanders to junk food. And if it does …

2. Keep them away from the house! That’s right. Just don’t buy junk food at all and most of all, don’t bring them home! Simple, huh? So why isn’t this at the top of my list? Well, I live with my family and I can’t always control what they buy for themselves, so we always have a stash of junk somewhere in the house. So, unfortunately, this great tip doesn’t really apply to me.

3. Plan your meals! This is especially important if you go out a lot. Sure you can keep the junk out of the house, but it’s harder to stop munching on it when you’re bombarded by marketing, smells, and taste tests outdoors. To counteract this, just know what you’re going to eat in advance and stick to your plans no matter what. No additions, no extra weight.

4. Drink plenty of water! Most of the time, those cravings we feel are actually signals from our brain to remind us that we’re thirsty, but we’re so entrenched in the junk food marketing that we consciously perceive it in different ways. So, instead of reaching for that water bottle, we reach for that chocolate bar. Just remember to do the opposite next time and always keep properly hydrated. I personally drink at least a whole gallon of water a day.

5. Eat breakfast! That’s right, you’ve heard and seen it time and time again, and now it’s here again. Not only does eating breakfast keep your energy levels up throughout the day, but it can prevent massive hunger attacks later on because, well, you’re not starving yourself. Eat right first thing in the morning and you’ll most likely do so the rest of the day.

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