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Okay, there’s what I promised before, a picture of what my Health Shake basically looks like.

Yeah, that greenish tint does look a tad nasty, I suppose, but it tastes great, I promise!

After reading my Diet and Nutrition Tip 2 article, a lot of you are probably wondering how I get through the day with mostly just a shake. As I previously mentioned, I usually start the day off with a solid meal composed usually of eggs and vegetables, but sometimes tuna and veggies or chicken breast and veggies. The rest of the day, I consume pretty much just the Health Shake.

First of all, I designed the Health Shake to be as balanced a meal as possible, so you’ve got your good proteins, carbs, and fat in there. The protein is the soy milk, the carbs are the veggies and fruit, and the fat is the nuts. Simple as that.

I’ve been living off of this type of diet for a few weeks now and it’s felt pretty good. I have a lot of energy throughout the day, starting immediately from when I get up, and I sleep very soundly. I originally thought that there would be a dip in my energy levels at first that I’d have to get used to when I started this regimen, but the opposite actually happened: my energy levels felt like they at least doubled; very pleasantly surprising to me.

The shake also tastes pretty great. I also originally assumed that I wouldn’t like it when I added the veggies in there, since I had only been consuming shakes comprised only of soy milk and fruit at one point. The pure fruit version shakes were really sweet. The only difference the spinach seemed to add taste – wise is less sweetness. The shake still tastes sweet to me overall, but just much less so, which I actually kind of enjoy more.

Do I ever get sick of consuming just shakes? No, not yet, at least. I’ll make another article after maybe six months if my eating habits are still the same, to give more insight, but currently, no. I really like the convenience of not stopping to prepare and eat a solid meal. I can just keep working and working, even if I’m travelling, and just take a sip. I recently bought a half gallon Coleman water jug that fits my shake recipe perfectly. I add in a lot of ice so that it doesn’t spoil and I have it the entire day.
As for flavor variety, the combination of strawberries and grapes I previously gave was just my personal favorite, and, I believe, the most healthful in terms of mix. There are several types of fruit that my family easily has access to, and I just randomly combine two of them in a shake depending on what’s on hand. The key is to always make different combinations daily, which results in different flavors.

These are the fruits that are usually readily available in my vicinity (I live in Quezon City). I’ll also include the prices that we usually get the fruit for. We usually just get them from trusted stalls near our house or in a mini grocery called Eunilaine which we frequent.

Grapes – Php250.00 / kg
Mangoes – Php50.00 / kg
Melons – Php30.00 / kg
Papaya – Php30.00 / kg
Pineapple – Php50.00 / pc
Apples – Php15.00 / pc
Bananas – Php30.00 / kg
Strawberries – Php100.00 / 3 cases; each with 20 – 25 pieces
Oranges – Php10.00 / pc

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